Asare's Story

Paying it forward

Support from United Way helped put Asare on the right track. Now he’s giving back

As a youth with no male role model in my life, I struggled with authority and conflict resolution. Mentors from a program in my community opened my eyes to a whole different world in terms of my capabilities and what I could do with my life.

I’m thankful for that resource and for all of the subsequent mentors that were and are currently a part of my life. It’s scary to think about where I would be without those experiences. I definitely wouldn’t be working in public service and giving back to my community every day.

I’m part of a United Way program where we meet with diverse and talented youth who are interested in different career paths. We talk to them about their interests and how they can get involved in the community. It’s no secret that youth are our future. This program cultivates opportunities for them to thrive. There’s so much untapped potential and opportunity to have young leaders get involved in important local initiatives and issues, like homelessness and food security.

“Whether you can donate your time, your skills, your money, or all three, it’s not going unnoticed”

I see many young people who have similar upbringings and circumstances to mine. And it’s heartbreaking, but it’s also motivating. I see myself in these kids and I hope that they see themselves in me. Whether I’m having a meaningful conversation with them and bringing up something that they never thought about, or continuously keeping them accountable for how they choose to live their lives, it’s important to continue to be involved in their lives.

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the individuals who have donated to United Way. So, from the bottom of my heart, I say thank you. Whether you can donate your time, your skills, your money, or all three, it’s not going unnoticed—it’s really impacting lives on an individual level.

When Asare was a teenager, he received support from United Way. Today, he’s paying it forward

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