2020-2021 Board of Directors

Our leaders that give so much and champion our cause.

Our Board of Directors is a group of dedicated leaders in their professions and in our community. They volunteer their time to help govern United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo with a mix of knowledge, insight and passion.

Board President:

Jordanna Lambert

Vice President:
Ken Sandmoen, First Vice President, 2019 Chair, Resource Development Committee

Andrea Hine, Second Vice President,  Chair, Resource Development Committee

Secretary / Treasurer:
Dale Mountain

Past Board President & Chair, Human Resources Committee:
Tony Mankowski


Board Members:

Steven A. Yatauro, Past President

Craig Picton, 2020 Chair, Resource Development Committee

Shaun Dupilka, Chair, Communications Committee

Andre Lambert, Director

Lisa Hilsenteger, Director

Melanie Ference, Director

Tana LeBlanc, Director 


Community Investment Committee:
Andrea Hine, Chair, Community Investment Committee
Michelle Velez, Team Lead
Andre Lambert, Team Lead
Tara Chilinski, Team Lead
Chris Coetzee, Team Lead
Cathy Pitura, Community Leader
Gwen Leepert, Secretary-Treasurer, MoveUp
Caitlyn Downie, Community Leader
Dustin Stuyt, Community Leader
Kristy Lennox, Community Leader
Cameron Biggin, Community Leader
Michael Hurlburt, Community Leader
Sam LeBlanc, Community Leader
Chantal Seymour, Community Leader

Community Investment Committee:
Joe Flannery, 
Community Leader
Crystal Mercredi, Community Leader
Aoife House, Community Leader
Mariko Kerr, Community Leader
Skyanne Patey, Community Leader
Mary-Ann Morehouse, Community Leader
Ian Fowlow, Community Leader
Allison Turcotte, Community Leader
Milena Joveska, Community Leader
Melissa Kellington, Community Leader
Lisa Hamm, Community Leader
Lynda Igandan, Community Leader
Nathan Carter, Community Leader
Valerie Banman, Community Leader

United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo is grateful for the Board’s dedication and commitment to improving our community. 

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