Funding Guidelines

A committee of United Way staff and experienced volunteers from the community make investment decisions based on community priorities, ongoing research, local knowledge, available funding, and the following criteria and guidelines:

Funding Guidelines:

  1. Aligns with United Way focus areas
  2. Addresses policy, systems, or individual change
  3. Engages and mobilizes community
  4. Addresses need(s) in the community
  5. Applies evidence-based practices
  6. Addresses underlying causes of social issues
  7. Demonstrates measurable impact
  8. Organization or initiative exhibits excellence in performance, partnerships, and leadership
  9. Organization or initiative exhibits strong governance

United Way does not fund:

  1. Non-registered charities
  2. Hospitals
  3. For-profit organizations
  4. Political parties
  5. Religious activities
  6. Capital expenses
  7. Individuals
  8. Deficit funding

Registered Canadian charities operating local programs that meet our funding criteria and guidelines are encouraged to apply for United Way support through open calls for proposals when available. Current funding is already determined and no new funding opportunities are currently available.

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