Healthy People, Communities

In a community where everyone matters, we support personal well-being and strengthening communities by investing in community.


Our core focus is to Create vibrant, healthy neighbourhoods, where everyone experiences a sense of belonging and connection to one another.


Our key outcomes came in the form of observable improvements in overall neighbourhood and community engagement.   Equally important, there were positive improvements in overall personal well-being and safety.  Finally, there were tangible improvements in connectedness to community supports.

Key Impacts

First, there were 1,500 Hours of outpatient counselling services provided to children, individuals & families struggling with mental health and trauma recovery. Second, there 379 Home visits to seniors to ensure they are supported and receive the services they need to be healthy and happy. Third, there were 99 Individuals stabilized and supported as they detox and prepare for entry into residential addictions program, breaking cycles of addiction and changing the lives of themselves and the loved ones and children they are connected to.  Forth, there were 42 Seriously ill critically injured patients received emergency response air ambulance services by Local Hero. 

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United Way partners with organizations that share our view of creating opportunities for a better life for everyone in our communities across Canada. We work together with nonprofits, government, community agencies, corporate partners, labour and donors to improve lives across Canada.

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