Local Love in a Global Crisis

We are working to ensure Wood Buffalo's most vulnerable- those facing homelessness, hunger, domestic violence and mental illness- are supported during the COVID-19 crisis.

Fort McMurray & Area Flood Fund

To assist in making the greatest impact with your donation, we encourage you to direct your gift to the The Red Cross' Fort McMurray and Area Flood fund. All funds will stay local to our region.
We are incredibly grateful to the Red Cross for their partnership in supporting our community.

The Redpoll Centre is closed in response to COVID-19.  The United Way continues to work remotely to answer questions and assist in any way possible. Please contact us via email at info@fmwbunitedway.com or call 211 for further information on social programs and services available in our region. 

Transforming Local Lives.

United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo is 100% local! We transform peoples lives, while working to build a brighter future for each and every one of our community members.

Bringing People Together

Solving #UNIGNORABLE Issues

Creating Lasting Impact

Be a champion for good

Discover #UNIGNORABLE Issues

The biggest issues facing our community today can be tough to see and even tougher to solve.

See Your Impact

United Way mobilizes community members to solve complex social issues and improve the lives of every one in the Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo community.

Get Involved

Invest in your community to see change at a local level. Learn about ways you can take action in our community.

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Changing Lives. Together.

What does your gift to the United Way look like? It looks like these lives, transformed by you.

Become a Monthly Donor

Monthly giving is a great way to ensure you are supporting your community when it is needed most.

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Stay Connected

Join our e-Community to get the latest news, events and campaign information from United Way FMWB.