Women United

A Community of Change Makers Creating Opportunities for Women and Girls

Behind every great woman are the women who have her back.

That’s why we’re excited to launch Women United in Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo – a community of change makers creating opportunities for women and girls right here at home. Women United is a diverse, vibrant community of visionaries and change makers bound together by a powerful sense of belonging—to one another, to our community and to our mission of transforming the lives of vulnerable young women in Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo.

Together, we leverage our time, talents and funds to empower young women in our community to build strong, independent lives. Together we will create a world full of opportunity for all young girls and women in this place that we call home. Led by a visionary Leadership Committee, we are passionate about United Way and about co-creating initiatives to empower women and girls in our community.

Women United is led by a Volunteer Committee made up of innovative and inspiring women just like you from around the Lower Mainland. This group of women leaders volunteer their time and expertise as members of the Women United Leadership Committee. This group will develop and implement the local Women United strategy and act as ambassadors in the community.

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